Welcome to BB Bunny Chow Land

" The BB Bakeries #SomeBunnyToLove Food Truck has reinvented the fun, diversity, color and flavors of all things Bunny Chow related."

When you think of Durban food, one of the first things that springs to mind is Durban’s iconic bunny chow! Durban is known for its Indian food, and because of the influence of so many cultures from India as well as the unique South African influence, the curries that arrive on your plate are mixtures of generations of recipes and culture.

Did you know, The bunny chow was created in Durban and has become one of Durban’s most famous exports! It’s usually called a ‘bunny’ and brings back youthful memories for many Durbanites.

The BB Bakeries #SomeBunnyToLove Food Truck has reinvented the fun, diversity, colour and flavours of all things Bunny Chow related. The truck not only provides one of the best Bunny Chows Durban has to offer, but there is so much more to this food truck than just a delicious, finger licking, piping hot bunny. The vibe and atmosphere provide for a whole experience as you slip off into Bunny Chow heaven with every mouthful.

BB Bakeries has updated their menu offering whilst still supporting local businesses and in support of local born and bread artists, BB Bakeries will be amping up the entertainment throughout July bringing in local bands and musicians to perform at the truck.

The truck is quite the sight in itself making it easy to spot from miles away. The #SomeBunnyToLove Food Truck comes complete with entertainment from the front seat to the actual Bunny itself. Curryoke: Customers can hop in the front seat of the truck to sing their heart out to some curryoke whilst they wait for their food. The half loaf photo booth lets fans take their social posts to the next level by posing inside the ultimate Bunny-Booth, which is literally a giant half loaf photo booth you can jump into, snap a picture of you and your Bunny and share online.

The food truck has upped their game when it comes to the menu. This year the truck will be serving:

  • BB Bunny Chow Classics: A KZN favourite served with the best-loved local loaf and a side of Cheesy Bread Sticks. With the option of three popular curries, Chicken, Mutton or Bean,

  • BB Squares ‘Rising Stars’: A curry filled deep fried BB square delight. With the option of a chicken, mutton or bean filling

  • BB Squares Encore: A dessert filled deep fried BB square treat served with whipped cream and butterscotch sauce. With the option of a raisin and cinnamon or baked apple and cinnamon filling.

We recently visited the #SomeBunnyToLove Food Truck for some delicious food and exceptional entertainment. The BB Bakeries team are not loafing around when it comes to bringing us the best in local talent. We ate to our hearts content and danced the night away to Holly Rey who had little Gia mesmerized. “When I get big, I want to sing like Holly” she told us on the way home.

Designed as a toast to all things local to KZN by showcasing the colourful culture and colours of the province, the food truck will be bringing Durbanites more delicious and fun food moments in 2019.

If you’re in Durban, you can find the BB Bunny Chow food truck at the following venues:

Chatsworth Centre

16th - 27th July (Closed on Mondays)

Live performances and Talent Competition

20th July: Celestial Mic and Deshan Styler


28th July Suncoast Sunday Beats