Top 10 Tips For New Dads

If you are a new dad, or you and your wife are expecting, these few tips may come in handy. Check them out below.

Tip #1: Learn to survive without (or very little) sleep.

Unfortunately, the reality of this is that babies will not fit into your sleep routine at all. Thinking that they will is only going to send you into a mild state of paranoia. The odd few will surprise you, in that case, ignore tip 1 and move on.

Tip #2: Manage stress.

Your new baby is 100% dependent on you and your wife. This can often be quite stressful as many of the care-giving responsibilities may be brand new. Eat well and try and get in a morning or evening run to de-stress.

Tip #3: Accept help.

I cannot stress this point enough. Accept help, welcome family bringing ready-made dinners over and don’t feel bad when someone starts washing the dishes.

Tip #4: Establish a routine.

From as early as possible, try and get a system going. There is a lot to do and no-one wants that overwhelming feeling. Both you and baby will benefit from this.

Tip #5: Follow your instincts.

Listen to the advice of others, read about parenting, consult the experts, but consider yourself the authority on your child. No one will know your baby as well as you and your partner do.

Tip #6: Take a break.

Baby is crying, the phone is ringing and you can’t find the dummy. Stay calm, attend to the situation and once everything is under control, go outside and take a few minutes for yourself.

Tip #7: Give mom a break.

As much as you may need a break, consider taking the baby for a walk or a trip to the shops and give your wife an hour or so to herself. Trust me, she will appreciate it much more than you realize.

Tip #8: Wet-wipes.

There is no such thing as using too many wet wipes…especially in a poop crisis.

Tip #9: Take on bath time.

Make bathing your time. It is a great way to bond and connect with baby.

Tip #10: Baby wearing.

Not only Mom’s make use of this trend. Many Dad’s are also taking on baby wearing. In the early days (and still today) if Gia was unsettled, putting her in a wrap calmed her down almost immediately…5 minutes later she was fast asleep. Works every time.