The Potty is Calling

Does the very mention of potty training fill you with dread? Have you tried and failed to potty train your child, leaving you reluctant to try again? If this sounds like you, then read on because Fisher-Price has the answer!

We have reached the potty training stage and luckily for us, Gia really seems to be overly excited about ditching the nappy and hopping on the loo. Fisher-Price sent over this really awesome Cheer for Me Potty, and it has Gia running back and forth all day to use the loo. There’s a fun clicking sound when you push down the handle and there is even a toilet paper holder. It has fun songs to learn and encouraging phrases and sounds to discover. The bowl removes for easy cleanup and the seat detaches for use on a regular toilet seat to help with transition.

Milly and I have done some research, chatted to the G-Rents and basically searched the ends of the web to understand this little milestone. Here are a few tips :)

Make sure they're ready

If your child is starting to notice when their nappy is wet or dirty, or if they tell you when they're about to do a wee or a poo, then they're ready. The transition from nappies or diapers to underwear will be much smoother if you react to their awareness, rather than let their age dictate.

Make sure you’re ready

Some children potty train in days, others in weeks. It’s crucial that you remain calm throughout. Don’t even try to potty train when you’re moving house, expecting a new baby or there’s some other stressful event happening in your lives. Wait until things settle down so you can both cope with the inevitable accidents.

Introduce the potty

Have the potty in the bathroom, and let your child sit on it wearing a nappy before potty training starts.

Make it exciting

Allow your toddler to choose big kid pants with his or her favorite character; and ditch the dappies.


Don’t get upset with accidents. Remind your toddler and ask them if they need to use the loo several times throughout the day.

Praise them

A simple “good job!” or “high-five” goes a long in honoring their potty accomplishment.

Make it fun

Kids love fun and you can make just about everything a game. Trust me on this one though, the Fisher-Price Cheer for Me Potty will have you sailing through the potty training stage and wondering why other parents are finding it so challenging. See more on this potty here:

We seem to be doing well so far, don’t ask me about getting your toddler dry through the night just yet. That is something we still have to figure out.