Ride Safe With Uber

Let's face it, we all make use of Uber's service at some point or the other and as a working dad, the convenience and reliability that this brings makes scheduling so much easier. I've used Uber since its launch locally in 2013, and more so especially over the lockdown, running quick errands.

With my packed schedule, I take peace of mind knowing that each trip I take with Uber, all government-required protocols are followed. I also have the added benefit of knowing that with COVID-specific dedicated safety features, I limit the risk of exposure to both myself and my family at home.

Uber uses world-class technology, in their Mask verification, that ensures every driver is wearing a mask, by taking a selfie, before being allowed. Once confirmed, riders will then receive a message that the driver is wearing a mask and has taken the precautions necessary such as vehicle sanitisation is ready to pick you up - pretty cool!

Riders are also required to wear a mask and if flagged by the driver for not, you too will be required to make use of their mask verification before being allowed to travel, however only once.

Uber has enhanced its features to offer safe, reliable and affordable travel. Be it taking a trip to the mall, going to work, travelling to the airport, or to work and back. Uber is committed to the safety of the general community, including drivers and riders, by having numerous safety features available, including enhanced adaptations specifically built for COVID-19. While the app may have 20 dedicated safety features, here are some of my favourites that I encourage you all to try out on your next trip!

In-App Emergency Button:

With the push of a button in the app, users can connect directly to private emergency services and security response when needed through a third-party private security supplier

Contactless Payment:

Uber offers a variety of contactless payment options including instant EFT, debit/ credit card payments as well as using Uber Cash.


Uber has launched an interactive safety checklist that riders and drivers must acknowledge before going online:

Riders will also be required to take safety precautions and will receive a reminder before each trip to follow hygiene best practices, like washing their hands before getting in the car, sitting in the back seat, and opening windows for ventilation. The goal is to educate and let riders know of best practices, regulatory requirements, and protocols when they take a ride.

For those of us, who can still stay at home and stay safe, the app offers Uber Connect, a Customer-to-Customer delivery option which allows for affordable, same-day delivery! Ideal for virtual birthdays!

To request a ride, users must download the free application for Android, iPhone, Blackberry 7, or register for Uber at www.uber.com/za/en/. For questions visit www.uber.com

Travel with complete peace of mind, travel with Uber.