Natralogic - A Natural Approach to Maternity Skin Care

"Every day, people are applying products with harmful chemicals to their bodies. Some of these chemicals are also linked to a large number of health problems..."

For Milly and I, when it comes to natural and organic products, we are the first to jump on board and try them out. Every day, people are applying products with harmful chemicals to their bodies. Some of these chemicals are also linked to a large number of health problems, they cause everything from skin irritation and allergic reactions to cancer, and while there is evidence available, companies continue to use these dangerous toxins in their products because they are cheap and there are often no laws around them.

Natural is the word to look for, so you can image Milly’s excitement when we were contacted by Natralogic - South Africa's leading all natural maternity skin care range. It’s a local brand, developed in Durban by a mom and it is definitely a name you will be hearing a lot more from.

Natralogic’s founder, Lauren Lamont, is revolutionizing the skincare industry by pioneering South Africa’s first all natural skin care range developed specifically for the needs of pregnant women. Lauren has a Master’s degree in Chemistry and a Diploma in Cosmetic Chemistry. She has been working in the cosmetic and skincare industry for 8 years and has developed the formulations of other brands such as the Tan Lab, Woolworths Skincare and bath ranges, Lil-lets, Clicks, Sorbet, Oh So Heavenly, Island Tribe etc.

With such an impressive resume, it is evident that Lauren is passionate about the skincare industry, and her passion clearly shines through in her own brand, Natralogic.

Natralogic’s products are specially formulated for use during pregnancy and are free of toxins and ingredients that are considered harmful to our little ones and contain only natural ingredients, made from the highest quality.

Milly has been using the Natralogic range and has fallen in love with her daily skincare regime.

"The exfoliating feeling on my skin is really lovely, and I love that it makes me stop for a few minutes to focus and give this beautiful tummy of mine some love."

“I'm really not a products kind of person; I often joke with Don that his monthly toiletry bill costs more than mine. It's not because I don't like products, but simply because I'm quite selective with what products I choose to use. So you can imagine my excitement when the Natralogic range arrived. It is pregnant specific with natural and organic ingredients, which if you know me you will know is right up my alley. I have been using the Exfoliating Crème every night in the shower, massaging it into my tummy and hips. The exfoliating feeling on my skin is really lovely, and I love that it makes me stop for a few minutes to focus and give this beautiful tummy of mine some love. Every morning, I apply the Tummy Crème which I love because it doesn't have a strong, overpowering smell and doesn't leave you feeling sticky or full of cream.”

“The Natralogic Cooling Leg Gel is also one of my favourites. It is a light, non- sticky gel that revives tired, heavy and puffy legs and feet for long-lasting comfort during and after pregnancy.”

Natralogic Cooling Leg Gel Fact: The unique formulation is based on natural ingredients with healing and anti-inflammatory properties that improve circulation and reduce water retention.

Milly has packed the Natralogic Nipple Crème into her hospital bag, and is ready to let the 100% ultrapure medical grade lanolin ease the discomfort of cracked and sore nipples associated with breastfeeding.

Here is why you should be using Natralogic -

All Natralogic products are:

- Formulated specifically for use during pregnancy

- Formulated using only Certified Organic & Natural ingredients

- Formulated using sustainable ingredients & recyclable materials

- Formulated using our unique 7-step pharmaceutical grade ingredient selection process

- Certified COSMOS Natural by ECOCERT

- Certified by the Vegan Society

- Certified by Beauty Without Cruelty

- Clinically and dermatologically certified

- Suitable for use on sensitive skin

- Approved by European Safety Regulations (EC1223/2009)

I chatted to Natralogic Founder to get a better understanding about the drive and passion behind the skincare brand.

How did Natralogic come about?

“When I became pregnant with Connor, I became very discouraged in trying to find safe and effective skincare products to use during my pregnancy. The majority of products available in South Africa for pregnant mothers contained harmful ingredients that are not recommended for use during pregnancy as they have been associated with miscarriage, bleeding complications, congenital disabilities, disruption in foetal growth and some are known carcinogens.

The limited natural products that I could find were mostly just thick oils and balms that made me feel so sticky and hot, which as you know isn’t ideal during pregnancy, and did not have sufficient concentration levels of active ingredients to be effective.

Being involved in the skincare industry, I was fortunate to be able to develop products to use during my pregnancy, which I made sure contained only the safest, most effective natural ingredients. This then inspired me to launch Natralogic, South Africa’s first all-natural skincare range developed specifically for the needs of pregnant women, with the intention of helping other moms feel empowered and at ease over their pregnancy skincare choices.”

Tell us about your qualifications?

“I hold a Master's Degree in Pure and Applied Chemistry from the University of KwaZulu-Natal where I graduated with several Certificates of Merit and Deans Commendations.

I also hold a 2-year Diploma in Cosmetic Chemistry from the Society of Cosmetic Science South Africa where I graduated top in the country and received the Norman Sanan Award for most innovative product design.

During my studies, I also published several articles in peer review Journals including the Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, the Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics and the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Review. My Master's thesis at the time of publication was also considered to be a viable cure for cancer.

Whilst my Diploma in Cosmetic Chemistry is very specific to my field, my Master’s Degree in Pure and Applied Chemistry is probably more suited to pharmaceutical research and development. This Master’s Degree has however given me a greater understanding of how various cosmetic ingredients interact with each other, resulting in high quality formulations, and at what levels these ingredients become effective or harmful to the human body.”

There is a wealth of thorough and detailed information on the Natralogic website and blog, helping moms with pregnancy and helping them make good skin care choices.

“I love the Natralogic range, and just love that it is tailored specifically for us preggy mums. Their products allow me more focus time and love towards my body and offer the solution to skin changes that happen during pregnancy, all while being kind and gentle on my skin and baby. Thank you Natralogic” - Milly