Moroccan Rump BB Hand Rolls

"...hope that the craving does not force you to demolish them before the lunch time bell rings."

A filling, hand-sized, easy to eat lunch box feast.

Moroccan seasoned rump steak strips, Sautéed cherry tomatoes, caramelised red onions with black pepper & cream cheeses sauce, tightly wrapped in butter fried BB Squares to create the perfect lunch box meal.

When my #BBSquareOff Challenge Box got delivered, I had no idea what I was going to make. All I knew was that it had to be delicious. Mouth-wateringly delicious!

Bakers supplied me with a few ingredients and allowed me to introduce two of my own, to master my dish.


Rump steak - My one extra

Red onion - My 2nd extra

Lettuce - BB Supplied

Cherry Tomatoes - BB Supplied

Baby Cucumber - BB Supplied

Cream Cheese - BB Supplied

Moroccan seasoning


Balsamic Vinegar


Coconut Oil

Ground Black Pepper


Saute the cherry tomatoes in coconut oil and set aside.

In a saucepan, I add one sliced red onion to coconut oil and saute until tender. Add 1 tsp sugar and a few dashes of balsamic vinegar - delicious.

The Steak:

Rub the steak with Moroccan spice and leave to sit for about 30 minutes. Cook the steak medium-well and slice into strips. I love steak on the braai, so I opted for that cooking method.

Cream Cheese and Black Pepper Sauce:

In a saucepan melt one tablespoon butter and add two heaped tablespoons cream cheese. Mix in loads of freshly ground pepper (add as much as you like depending on taste preference) and boom! Delicious!

BB Hand Rolls: - Here is where it all comes together!

Halve the BB Squares and use a rolling pin to thin them out.

Heat a spoon tip of butter in a frying pan and warm the BB Square halves as if you were warming up a roti.

Add all the ingredients together on your BB Square halves (now BB Hand Rolls), and tightly roll and pin in place using toothpicks. Add to a lunch box and hope that the craving does not force you to demolish them before the lunch time bell rings.

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