Life With An Almost 3 Year old

Time goes so fast - our little Gia is just three months away from turning 3! She is all sorts of adorable and has us completely wrapped. The things that come out of her mouth have Milly and I reacting in 3 different ways at the moment:

1 - Where did she hear that?

2 - (Hysterical laughter) Say that again Gia!

3 - How smart is this child?

“There is nothing quite as powerful as the connection between a mother and her child."

I recently read an article about a child’s brain development between 2 and 3 years old, and it confirmed how Gia is behaving. Between the ages of 2 and 3, our toddler’s brain power increases at an astonishing rate. The improvements in their thinking, learning and memory skills give them all kinds of new ways to play, explore and express their opinions, not to mention demands.

Just the other day Gia came to me and said “Daddy, did you know a caterpillar turns into a butterfly” I was impressed and asked her how she knew this? She replied, “Mommy told me.”

We have also had to make extra sure about the choice of words we use around her. She is all ears, even when we think she is not listening, so our vocabulary has been filtered down drastically.

She loves like only our little Gia can. When she was little, I longed for the day she would say “I love you Daddy” and I remember the first time she did. She says it multiple times throughout the day to Milly and I, and we can’t get enough of it.

She is obsessed with Milly and is Milly’s biggest fan. The bond between them is such a beautiful thing to see. There is nothing quite as powerful as the connection between a mother and her child.

She sings and dances, anywhere and at any time. Often we will be in the shops and don’t even realize there is music playing until we see Gia breaking into song and dance. Music plays a huge roll in our household. I grew up with a love for music and truly believe music is food for the soul. If there isn't music playing, there will be singing, at the top of our lungs - In the shower, in the kitchen, in the car, in bed...basically anywhere.

She loves story time and has now taken on the role of storyteller while we sit back and listen to her imagination go wild. She could sit for hours paging through different books, telling her version of the book based on the pictures.

Her all-time favorite food? Ask her on any day, and the answer will be the same time and time again - Sushi. She loves Sushi and if given the option, would eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Her favorite drink? Tea, tea and more tea! I’m with you on that one baby girl.

Life with an almost 3-year-old provides us adults with so many valuable life lessons, from patience, to the excitement of even the smallest pleasures that we would often merely take for granted. Did I mention the joy of waking up at around 6:30 am Monday - Sunday? If you are reading this and are expecting your first child, don’t be too frightened by the early morning wake-ups, our bodies do adjust, besides when last did you get out of bed before the sun came up and sat on the patio in the crisp morning air with a cup of coffee, reflecting on how fantastic life is? Try it; it will fuel your mind and get you excited and ready for the day.