Learning Through Discovery With DStv

An incredible fact is that children are actively observing their world and learning from it from the moment of birth. Now, thanks to a new DStv's School of Laughter, kids and parents are in for a treat. We love sitting down with Gia and watching shows like Siyaya : Come Wild With Us, where she can be exposed to fascinating places in and around South Africa’s national parks. Very cool.

A new pop-up channel has joined DStv’s School of Laughter!

ZooMoo, a children’s channel which provides kids with educational content about animals around the world, is now available on DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact and Family. The channel will be available on DStv 314 until 31 March, 2021.

Unlock new adventures

ZooMoo is a collaboration between some of the world’s foremost wildlife filmmakers, early childhood educationalists and technology developers. Its programming engages and entertains children with the wonders of animals, to stimulate and develop their innate emotional connection with the natural world. Some of ZooMoo’s well-loved shows are Leo the Wildlife Ranger, Lost!, Clawdia’s Amazing African Adventure, Piglet’s Adventure Machine, and Ninja Pop.

What to watch

With an entire new channel to explore, I know you’re probably wondering which shows are unmissable. Here are some top picks for you to set recordings and reminders right now!

Catch Me If You Can

Did you know that sloths are the slowest animals on Earth? It can take them almost a month just to digest a single leaf! Sloths may spend most of their time on trees but they are great swimmers They can move three times faster in water than on land and can hold their breath for 40 minutes in water Learn more about this cute mammal on ZooMoo this October!

Siyaya : Come Wild With Us

This is a favourite. It takes you on an adventurous journey to fascinating places in and around South Africa’s national parks. Young explorers experience unique challenges in every episode as they experience nature at its wildest. 🐾

Catch it on Da Vinci

Fancy Nancy Clancy Splits S2

The Return of Dudley: Nancy accidentally becomes Freddy's new best friend when JoJo ditches him for her imaginary friend.

Not forgetting some other great new additions like Scooby-Doo & Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Danger Force S1, The Owl House S1 and Dorg van Dango S1.

How to watch ZooMoo online

Download the DStv app. It’s the online version of DStv, enabling you to watch all your favourite shows and movies on the go on your smart device.

With DStv School Of Laughter, a lesson a day keeps boredom at bay!

Reconnect now, so the kids can learn something new everyday!

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