Laughter, Fun & Learning Right In The Palm Of Your Hands With Dstv’s School Of Laughter

If you’re a parent with kids living through the current pandemic, you'll understand the value and importance of quality, educational TV shows. An incredible fact is that children are actively observing their world and learning from it from the moment of birth. Thanks to DStv's School of Laughter, kids and parents are in for a treat. We love sitting down with Gia and watching shows where she can be exposed to fascinating places and quality content that enriches and entertains.

We all understand this - It is late in the afternoon, and you are trying to make dinner, talk on a conference call and juggle your children. Searching for something to keep your child’s interest, you head over to the television to look for something safe, informative and engaging, but often find yourself spending 20 minutes just searching for something appropriate.

It's been over 2 years since the launch of DStv's School of Laughter and has been our go-to ever since. It provides safe, age-appropriate TV shows where education and entertainment go hand-in-hand.

From Cartoon Network on channel 301, Boomerang on 302, Cbeebies on 306 and so much more. We already have our favourites, so if you're looking for new shows to try out, take a look at some of our top picks.

Mush-Mush and The Mushables Season 1

Mush-Mush & the Mushables follows the comedy adventures of the Mushable community as together they put the fun back into fungi! As pocket-sized Guardians of the Forest, each Mushable has a special gift; while Mush-Mush can communicate with nature, Lilit shines bright like a light and Chep has an impressive memory. As they get to know their talents and their limits, the Mushables find there is still a lot to discover about growing up! A fun journey of self-discovery, exciting outdoor adventure and mush mush more!

See it on Boomerang 302.

Bingo, Rolly and Keia Season 3

In this new season Bingo, Rolly and Keia will embark on new missions that will take them to Italy in the search of Ana’s Valentine card, to Canada to save a pancake, to the end of a rainbow to find a pot big enough for Bob’s St. Patrick’s Day stew and even to the Moon to rescue Rover’s robo-brother, Spot

See it on Disney Junior 309

Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Season 1

The show follows the adventures of an average family - a boy, a girl, a dog, a cat, a mouse and ..err, a piece of cheese! haha.

Follow their adventures on DStv's School Of Laughter, Cartoon Network, channel 301.

Not all screen time is bad. With the right shows and screen time limits, these are some of the benefits your little ones can gain:

  • Becoming positively exposed to new ideas and knowledge.

  • Learning and creating.

  • Acquiring hard and soft skills, including creativity and personal expression.

  • Improving motor skills and coordination with games.

  • Gaining educational value with school-related topics and worldly exposure to different places.

What makes DStv School Of Laughter even better, is the DStv app. This makes sure that your children never miss their preferred shows. Television, laptop, tablet or phone. At home or in the car, take DStv with you and keep the laughter and learning going.

Download the DStv app. It’s the online version of DStv, enabling you to watch all your favourite shows and movies on the go on your smart device.

With DStv School Of Laughter, a lesson a day keeps boredom at bay!

Reconnect now, so the kids can learn something new every day!