‘If this was my baby, I would get her out immediately’

15 December 2015 1:45pm

The midwife looks at the CTG machine, she pauses, looks at the clock and back at the CTG machine. “I need to call the doctor, your baby’s recovery after each contraction is getting worse, something is restricting her air”

Let’s take it back a bit…

Doctor arrives in the delivery room and looks at the CTG machine…

15 December 2015 8:00am

The feeling of knowing our baby was finally on her way and ready to come into the world was a feeling like no other. The days leading up to her birth I can only describe as being a 6 year old again on Christmas Eve, and not being able to contain the excitement.

We were so prepared, we had drafted up a comprehensive birth plan which consisted on plan A, B & C. Milly was ready, I was ready and baby was ready…and then we waited!

15 December 2015 1:00pm

After being in labour for 15 hours, by now we were hoping to hear that Milly had dilated quite a bit…at least more than the last time we had checked, sadly not.

The intensity of growing contractions is not something to take lightly. I was prepared to do whatever I could to make it easier and less painful, however for the first time, I felt helpless, completely helpless. The strength and courage within my wife came out like the morning sun breaking through half open blinds. She was strong, fearless and determined to push past the pain.

15 December 2015 2:00pm

Doctor arrives in the delivery room and looks at the CTG machine…

“If this was my baby, I would get her out immediately, she has cord compression and she is going into distress” "I recommend we head to theatre for an emergency C-section right away"

We agreed and all of a sudden things happened faster than the dropping of our rand.

I was rushed off and changed into my scrub gear, then back to the theatre. Theatre is a cold, bright and daunting room, with sharp shiny objects everywhere. They set us up behind a screen and the C-section began. If blood does not make you squeamish, watch everything, it’s pretty damn interesting.

I will admit, I was nervous about becoming a father. So many questions, so many ‘how will I know this & how will I know that’ However, as Gia came into the world, all that nervousness went away immediately. It is a surreal feeling, a feeling of love beyond measure, a feeling so intense that it can’t be described or compared to anything else. Her first cry pierced through our hearts and brought us to tears…

This is it – we were now officially parents…

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