Gia's Bedroom Makeover With Clever Little Monkey

Let's go back a few short months. There we were, packing up our house and preparing for the big move into our new, bigger home. One of the things there we were excited about was the new room in the house that we had chosen for Gia. It has big windows that look over onto the hills, it catches the perfect amount of light, and it is a nice size room that she can grow into.

“The Clever Little Monkey website is easy to use and straightforward. The only part that took time, was Milly & I browsing through all the goodies the site has to offer. "

We wanted to create a space that she would love and be really excited about. We wanted to create comfort, but at the same time incorporating all the ideas we had for her and her new room. We sat on our thoughts, not sure where to begin, and then we got an email about a possible collaboration with Clever Little Monkey. The timing could not have been any more perfect. We quickly jumped at the opportunity and gave the Clever Little Monkey team all of our ideas. After some communication and direction, we had a plan. I knew I wanted a grey feature wall in her room and took advantage of family who was willing to help and get stuck in with some painting.

Fast forward about three weeks, and we were in our new home, unpacked and ready to get stuck into Gia’s bedroom project with Clever Little Monkey.

Amongst other things, Clever Little Monkey house furniture, bedding and decor that will create the quintessential space for your child. Clever Little Monkey know how important it is to not only love but also trust the kids' bedroom furniture you bring into your child’s room. They believe in the value of special time enjoyed with your kids in a space that works. At Clever Little Monkey, talking about those lazy afternoons where romping with dad on the floor of a well laid out room or reading a favorite book together on the bed means happiness all ‘round.

We wanted a nightstand next to Gia's bed, a little space to rest a book, and have a lamp. The Ruby Nightstand features feminine curves and timeless grooves. The sturdy frame offers additional stability, and the large single drawer has more than enough storage space. The perfect choice for Gia. View The Ruby Nightstand

We had a vision of creating a reading space in her room, a place where she can grab a book and relax while getting swept off into the magic of fairytales. The Hanging Tent Canopy provided just that. It creates a magical place for your little one to dream, hideaway, read or let their imagination take them on a journey. View The Hanging Tent Canopy

We completed her reading corner with these Book Display Ledges. The great thing about these ledges is that you can decorate them with storybooks of all sizes and shapes or arrange a collection of cars, dinosaurs, letters or any collection your child is favoring at the time. View Book Display Ledges

To add comfort, we added in a few scatter cushions and bam! Perfection!

Over The Moon Scatter and Swan Scatter

To bring the grey feature wall to life, we added a shower of Wild Pink Dots Decals. We were super excited about how these transformed the space and brought it to life. View the Wild Pink Dots Decals

The Clever Little Monkey website was easy to use and straightforward. The only part that took time, was Milly & I browsing through all the goodies the site has to offer. Thank you Clever Little Monkey for helping us bring Gia's bedroom to life and creating a space that she absolutely adores.

About Clever Little Monkey:

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