It’s Time To Go Back To School, Kids!

In today’s ever changing world, one of the main things that many parents are unsure about is schooling their children from home. Having spoken to many parents during this lockdown period, it is evident that a plan and structure needed to be made available so that parents and kids would have a clear vision of what to do and how to structure the days ahead.

DStv knows that staying inside was difficult at times, but now is your chance to get smart and restart your year with new ways of learning with the DStv School of Laughter.

We’ve all heard that saying about kids, right? The one where children are said to be like sponges? Well, it’s important to think more deeply about that. Your little ones are constantly learning more about the world around them. They’re always gaining more and more information about how to interact with their world. DStv have given the advantage of helping us prep our days and weeks with their special School of Laughter calendar for us to play, plan, organize and check off all the fun activities that are lined up.

The Importance Of Hands-on Learning Activities For Kids

Did you know that using hands-on activities is one of the BEST ways for children to learn? That is why DStv School of Laughter is so great! They're not talking uncontrolled TV time, they’re talking about educational and uplifting content, combined with fun activities that create a structured fun-filled learning environment for your little one to not only thrive, but also have the best time doing so.

They’re Giving Away 50 Smartrestart Hampers!

Download the calendar via the link below, or purchase the Sunday World newspaper to grab your copy. Get creative by filling in your schedule, tell them all about your favourite DStv School of Laughter shows, then send a picture of your calendar via their WhatsApp line on +27 66 018 0442 or on social media by tagging #DStvSmartRestart. Trust me, this is an incredible hamper, and entering is super easy and a fun activity all on it’s own.

Subscribers of all DStv packages can enter this competition, so download your calendar today to stand a chance to win!

Here is what you stand to win in each hamper:

1x Acer Series Laptop

1x Sahara School Bag

1x Pencil Case

1x Button badge

1x Playdough

1x Custom transfer tattoos

1x 12-piece foam puzzle

1x Kids Pop socket

1x Kids knitted Beanie

1x Kids 5 panel cap

1x pair of Headphones

1x 100ml Hand Sanitizer

1x Kids Face shields

1x Lunchbox

1x 400ml Water bottle

1x Stationary (Scissors, Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener, Pencil Case, Crayons, Marker Stickers

1x Activity Book

1x SOL Calendar

1x Da Vinci Pens

1x Da Vinci Sticker Sheets

1x Da Vinci White Notebooks

1x Da Vinci Clay kits

Get entering now, and stand to win some insane prizes! Also, check out School of Laughter on DStv and let’s get those imaginations all fired up for a season of educational content and fun learning.

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