Blissful Weekend At Brahman Hills

Have you ever been away with your family for the weekend, and had a feeling of sadness at the thought of having to go to back to reality after an incredibly amazing weekend? Our weekend away at Brahman Hills was something out of a magical scene in a movie. Let me try and put into words how breathtakingly beautiful Brahman Hills is…

"We dipped our toes into the jacuzzi and immediately decided to jump in. Pure bliss! Here we were, sitting in the jacuzzi sipping on hot chocolate, watching the sun peer through the tall standing trees."

We arrived at about 4:30 pm on a cool Friday afternoon. We had been looking forward to this weekend away for quite some time. We walked into the reception area which was warm and cozy with a rustling fire keeping the cold out, and making us feel the warmth of not only the fire but also the exceptionally friendly and welcoming staff.

We made our way to our cottage which was unit 1, Fish Eagle. As we walked in, our fireplace had been prepped and was ready to be lit, the wall heaters were on, and we immediately felt comfortable in what would be our home away from home for the weekend.

Let’s fast forward to Saturday morning. Waking up and watching the sunrise while taking in

the crisp, cool morning air, was such a treat. We dipped our toes into the jacuzzi and immediately decided to jump in. Pure bliss! Here we were, sitting in the jacuzzi sipping on hot chocolate, watching the sun peer through the tall standing trees. Gia was somewhat amazed by the jacuzzi and dubbed it her “outside bath.”

At 10:30 am we headed to the Brahman Hills spa, which was not even a 2-minute drive from Fish Eagle cottage. The Spa at Brahman Hills probably left us feeling more relaxed than we have in years. I’m not even exaggerating. The Spa was once the home to Winks Green and her Racing Patients. Renowned for her technique, Winks was the "go to" person as a healer of horses from far and wide. Two full body massages later, we still couldn't get enough of this Spa. The perfect balance of luxury and African earthiness, combined with simplicity and style. We felt relaxed from the second we arrived. An absolute must. Pure relaxation at its best!

For lunch, we headed to The Midlands Kitchen which is right next door to Brahman Hills. The Midlands Kitchen, found at the turn-off for Nottingham Road (Exit 132) is not just a handy stop for motorists. It has become a stop in its own right, as part of the popular Midlands Meander, as an Artisan Food destination. It has 15 different kitchens which include Mexican, Mediterranean, Burgers, Pies, Indian, Vegan, Artisan Bakery, a Harvest Table, anything Chicken; Wood fired Pizzas, a Gelato stop with a Coffee bar complimented by a pastry and sandwich section that can win anyone and everyone over. The food choices are endless. It took us a good 15 minutes to decide what to eat because everything looked and smelt so, so good. After lunch, we took Gia to play in the Midlands Kitchen playground and then went exploring the shops nearby.

We arrived back at our cottage and spent the late afternoon lazing in the jacuzzi again, sipping on a glass of wine and talking about how amazing we felt after our spa trip and lunch. We also decided that a full body massage once a month is probably a great idea! If only we could visit the Brahman Hills Spa every month! Heaven!

Saturday night saw us fine dining at 89 On Copper. Our reservation was for 7:30. We put little Gia to bed and once the baby sitter had arrived, and we had nervously prepped her with our numbers, and what to do, we headed off to dinner. Brahman Hills have baby sitters on the property for your convenience. 89 on Copper was such a treat. From the venue which is in a Wine Cellar, to the exceptional food and refreshing service and staff! The ambiance was warm and inviting with perfectly lit lighting, lending to an already calm and relaxed atmosphere. With a bottle of wine hand selected by the manager, we were whisked off on a taste adventure like no other. The food was superb. Prawns delicately prepared and presented for starters. For mains, I had a delectable lamb shank on a bed of mash and Milly opted for fillet steak and potato wedges, that melted in her mouth with each bite. Delicious.

We had just finished our dinner and were about to dig into dessert, when our waiter, Joshua came to advise us that the sitter had called and that Gia was awake. Knowing that Gia did not know the babysitter and would probably be upset, we rushed off back, while Joshua kindly arranged for our dessert to be delivered to our cottage.

As we opened the door, we were greeted by a very happy Gia and babysitter. As it turns out, Gia hadn't properly gone to sleep and woke minutes after we had left, and for 2 hours, they played, had tea, changed clothes and played some more until little Gia had had enough and just wanted her mommy. Our babysitter was an absolute champ!

Waking up in the mountains does something to you. You immediately open the curtains and step outside with a cup of coffee in hand to soak in the beauty of the rolling hills and calm nature. On Sunday morning, we packed up our belongings, said goodbye to our Fish Eagle cottage and made our way to the Brahman Hills Cafe for a breakfast spread fit for royalty. Little Gia was so impressed; she left Brahmhills Cafe a special message. See my Travels Highlights on Instagram to see what she had to say.

On our way home and about 20 minutes down the road from Brahman Hills, we stopped over at Terbodore for a delicious cuppa and off we went. Our drive home was filled with chatter about the weekend we had just experienced and how we will be coming back Brahman Hills. Thank you Brahman Hills for hosting us and thank you to your exceptional staff for making our weekend so memorable.

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