A World Of Play With Thomas & Friends™

Gia & Koah have been having so much fun with #ThomasAndFriendsSA and their #MonkeyPalaceAdventure!

Join Thomas & Friends™ on their exciting adventures. The TrackMaster™ Monkey Palace lets you experience a world of play with moments inspired by the Thomas & Friends™ show. This fun train set features a motorised Thomas, a palace, a gantry and two cute little monkey figures.

As Thomas passes below the tree limb with a monkey in his cargo car, the cheerful chimp grabs onto the limb and swings back towards his friends! The monkeys can also hang from the palace and stand on the gantry. Your little ones will have a blast creating awesome animal adventures for Thomas and his primate pals! For even more ways to play, TrackMaster™ push along metal engines work on TrackMaster™ track!

The Benefits of Play

The Thomas & Friends™ TrackMaster™ Monkey Palace Set offers exciting, fun-filled play that can encourage physical and cognitive development. The sights, colors and textures provide an array of visual and tactile stimulation, while grasping the train and monkeys, and connecting the track pieces can promote fine motor skills. As children watch the monkey grab onto the tree limb and swing back around, it can also foster thinking skills and curiosity about cause and effect. Plus, as children join Thomas on his adventure, it can help inspire imaginations and encourage positive emotional connections.

What's in the box?


  • TrackMaster™ train set includes motorized Thomas, full track layout, cargo car, palace, gantry, 2 monkey figures and platform with pivoting tree limb

  • When Thomas passes below the tree limb with a monkey in the cargo car, the monkey will hook onto the limb and swing onto the platform

  • Monkeys can hang from the palace and peg onto the gantry

  • Thomas features unique monkey-themed designs

  • Collect other TrackMaster™ toy trains and sets to build a bigger motorized railway (sold separately and subject to availability)

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