5 Feelings Every Dad With An 8 Month Old Will Experience

Pride: It’s a beautiful thing watching your little baby become observant of their world. Watching them develop into little characters and actually start paying attention and laughing at your goofy faces. Finally someone laughs at our jokes and finds us completely hilarious!

Excitement: Excitement at the possibilities of a beautiful life ahead. Sharing the excitement when she gets a new toy and becomes obsessed with it. Getting even more excited when you walk through the toy isles. The excitement that brews when your wife is doing meal prep – but not for you, for your baby. Even though it has no salt & no spices, I can’t get enough of it! Pure wholesome food.  Milly now knows to dish extra for me as well. On a few occasions, I couldn’t resist and happened to eat most of it. I had to quickly cover it up with “No, she is still hungry, that was not enough. We need more.”

Fear: Fear that society is going to be harsh to this little soul. The scary thought that one day she will venture out into the world, that she will leave home and be out of our daily sight. The current realisation that eight-month-old's have a sudden burst of new strength. Babies this age can typically spot a toy from across the room, figure out they want it, then try and get to the toy without thinking about the dangers ahead. Of course they don’t think about the dangers…that’s what we as parents do. The worst is Gia’s dash to the end of the bed. Chilling moments, I tell you!

Enthusiasm: Not all the time, but most of the time you have to be. These little faces light up when you over react to…well, almost everything. You will most likely find yourself on the floor, playing with baby toys, making strange noises and putting on puppet shows with your best voice impersonations. Come up with an overly enthusiastic dialogue and stick to it. They are 8 months old, and won’t realize you are have been telling the same story for the past 3 weeks.

Energetic: I was going to put exhausted, but there really is no time to be exhausted, therefore you have to be energetic. Most mornings we are woken up at 5am to a whole world of stories in the voice of an 8 month old. From this time it’s get up and go, go, go. Sometimes I crawl along the floor in hopes of not being spotted, trying to make my way to the kitchen to get the coffee machine going. If I am spotted she immediately thinks its play time. That is how my day starts and I would not change it for anything!