10 things I wish I knew as an expectant father

I'm just going to get straight into it. A few things I wish we had known beforehand.

1. It is not essential to buy a baby compactum with a built-in baby bath. It's more of a pain actually. Carrying the bath to and from the bathroom to fill up and empty.

2. Getting a cot mobile should be on your list of things to buy. Babies love it.

3. Make room in the freezer for all the baby food and breast milk that is about to be pumped. A LOT of room. In fact, get another freezer!

4. Invest in plenty towling nappies, not to use as nappies, but rather for burping and baby vomit.

5. Take caution when buying expensive pacifiers. You may just find that your baby only takes to one certain dummy in the beginning stages. Tip: Try the cherry shape dummy on the counter at Babycity, for only R45! We probably spent close to R1500 on dummies that we have never used.

6. You don’t really need the fancy nappy bin with expensive inner bags. Take the nappy, tie it into a scented nappy packet (R30 for 100) and toss it into your trash bin. Easy!

7. Buy a small fan heater for your baby’s room. This is an absolute winner in the winter months at bath time. No one likes the cold straight after a warm bath!

8. Don’t try a variety of different baby products. Some products won't agree with your baby’s skin. Try the most gentle and then stick to the product that works.

9. Baby wearing will save your life. Trust me on this one! Before we fell pregnant I didn’t even know what baby wearing was, now the baby carriers hang like trophies in the cupboard!

10. Invest in a really good and comfortable baby car seat. Preferably one that adjusts to suit your growing baby. It may seem like a big outlay, but you will not be sorry. #CarseatFullstop ;)