"We want to be included and thought about. #IncludeDads is here to raise awareness about something that has previously been overlooked."

Don Dinnematin (The Don Father)

Creator of #IncludeDads

"Dads need to be seen by society as an equal part in the parenting journey. #IncludeDads speaks on behalf of us, modern dads, who are not ‘baby sitting’
our children, but actively parenting them."

Warren Murray
MamaMagic Exhibition Director

"As two dad’s who work in the baby industry, we proudly support #IncludeDads and look forward to helping raise awareness for Dads everywhere."

Paddy Muldoon & Chris Baff
Parental Instinct

"Great initiative! I proudly support the #IncludeDads initiative and would like to see this change"



Mark Pilgrim
TV Presenter / Radio DJ / Speaker

What Is The #IncludeDads Initiative?

#IncludeDads is an initiative challenging malls in South Africa to get on board and change their parking signage to include Dads.

#IncludeDads hopes to inspire parents and add a voice for Dads when it comes to parking signs across South Africa.

Accepted The #IncludeDads Initiative:

Hillcrest Corner

"As Hillcrest Corner we pride ourselves on our pay off line, this being ‘We’re Family’, so when we were approached and asked to join the #IncludeDads initiative, we couldn’t help but get involved! We believe in progressing with society and we know that Dads are just as involved in their children’s lives as Moms. We will be changing some of the Moms & Tots signage to include Dad’s, so that fathers can feel just as important!"

57 Old Main Rd, Hillcrest, Durban

#IncludeDads In The Media

East Coast Radio

"Local blogger challenges all malls to update parking signage to include dads"

Joining Jane is Don Dinnematin: The Don Father talking about changing the way shopping malls cater for moms, dads and kiddies parking bays.


Send a general message or get more information. If you have a mall in your area that you would like to see change their signage to #IncludeDads? Let me know!

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